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Baroness Kajira Camber

     The Kingdom Chamberlain is a deputy of the Kingdom Exchequer. The Chamberlain is responsible for the inventory and maintenance of all kingdom property and regalia used by the Royalty and their Champions. The Chamberlain will also work to make sure redundant gifts are minimalized and bids for new or replacement property are announced.

     Anyone with an idea for new kingdom property or regalia that has not been announced should contact the Chamberlain to make sure that the Kingdom is in need of the item. Before beginning a project that you plan on donating to the kingdom, you should ask yourself the following questions:
  • Does the kingdom have a need for this item? Or is it just something cool?
  • Do we already have one of these items in regalia? If so, why do we need another one? If not, why don't we already have one?
  • Has the Kingdom Chamberlain been consulted in case a similar item is already in the works?
  • Does the item have a use? Or is it just for display/decoration?
  • Who is the item intended to be used by? How often?
  • Is the item easily transportable? Does it easily fit in a vehicle?
  • Is the item relatively lightweight? Can it be lifted and/or carried by one person?
  • Is the item durable? Or is it easily breakable?
  • Does the item have a lot of small parts that could be easily lost?
  • Does the item require special care? Can it be cleaned easily and cheaply?
  • If the item is intended for use by a group or an officer, have they been consulted?
  • Has the Star Principal Herald been consulted as to the correct design and usage of the kingdom device? (if applicable)
  • Will this project cost the kingdom money? (Either in order to create it or in order to store and/or maintain it later.) If so, has the Kingdom Exchequer been consulted?
  • Has the Kingdom Chamberlain been consulted about the project? (I just can't stress that enough.)