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Bid/Proposal Form - [pdf]

Policies of the Ansteorran Kingdom Chamberlain Download policies - [.doc]

Table of Contents
I. Description of the Office
II. Duties of the Chamberlain
III. Transfer of Kingdom Property and Regalia
IV. Maintain Inventory
V. Repair/Maintenance of Kingdom Property and Regalia
VI. Acquiring New Property or Regalia
VII. Donations to the Kingdom
VIII. Disposal of Property or Regalia

I. Description of the Office

     The Kingdom Chamberlain is a deputy of the Kingdom Exchequer. The Chamberlain is responsible for the inventory and maintenance of all kingdom property and regalia used by the Royalty and their Champions. The Chamberlain will also work to make sure redundant gifts are minimalized and bids for new or replacement property are announced.

     Largesse given to or received from the Crown is not under the purview of the Chamberlain’s office. Neither is replacing property of Kingdom officer’s such as files, books, computers, etc.

II. Duties of the Chamberlain

  1. Track the location and status of all kingdom property and regalia.
  2. Know the status of all kingdom property and regalia.
  3. Be responsible for repairing and maintaining all kingdom property and regalia.
  4. Replace or purchase new kingdom property and regalia as needed.

III. Transfer of Kingdom Property and Regalia

     The Kingdom Chamberlain or their deputy will be at all Crown Tournament and Coronation events to check in/out kingdom property and regalia with the King/Queen and/or the Prince/Princess. These records of transfer will be kept until all items are checked back in with the Chamberlain and any liability of loss or damage due to negligence will be the responsibility of the person they were checked out to. The Kingdom Exchequer reserves the right to withhold reimbursement of Crown expenses until all items have been returned to the Chamberlain.

IV. Maintain Inventory

     Upon returning from Crown Tournament or Coronation, the Kingdom Chamberlain will update the inventory to show the status and location of all items. This inventory will be reflected in the online database and a summary report sent to the Kingdom Exchequer.

V. Repair/Maintenance of Kingdom Property and Regalia

     Should any property or regalia be in need of repair or maintenance, the Chamberlain shall inform the Financial Committee via the Kingdom Exchequer of the expected repair costs and timeline. Should the Committee decide that the item should be repaired, the Chamberlain shall see to its repair or maintenance. If possible, the Chamberlain will contact the original artist of the item and allow them the first chance at maintaining or repairing the item. Should the Committee decide that the item is not to be repaired and/or that it is no longer of use to the Kingdom, the Chamberlain will be asked to dispose of the item in accordance to the policies of the Chamberlain’s office.

VI. Acquiring New Property or Regalia

     If new property or regalia items are needed, either to replace retired, lost, or destroyed items, or just to have something new, the Kingdom Chamberlain is responsible for researching options for replacement or purchase. The first option should always be to announce the request and ask for a donation of the item or funds to purchase the item. Should the items not be obtainable via donation, the Chamberlain shall work with the Financial Committee to handle the purchase of the item for the Kingdom.

     Bids will be advertised in the Kingdom newsletter, the Ansteorra-Announce e-mail list, and on the Chamberlain website. Bid/proposal forms will be available from the Kingdom Chamberlain or on the Chamberlain portion of the Kingdom of Ansteorra website. Persons submitting bids should complete the Bid/Proposal Form and include at least the following information:
  1. SCA and modern name, address, and phone number of person(s) submitting the bid/proposal
  2. Modern name and address of business, if applicable
  3. SCA and modern name, address, and phone number of artisan, if applicable
  4. Formal written detailed bid, including all item/s, services, etc. pertaining to the item/s to be purchased
  5. Total cost of item/s, with payment requirements, if applicable
  6. Description of any warranty, guarantee, service contract, etc. on item/s
  7. Date of guaranteed delivery of item/s
  8. Period documentation of item/s, if applicable
  9. Description of functionality (durability, weight, cleaning instructions, etc.)
  10. Repair instructions
  11. Disposal of item/s
     After the bid process has closed, all complete bids will be organized and given to the Financial Committee for review. Should the Committee find that there are not enough sufficient bids to make a sound decision, it may ask the Chamberlain to acquire more bids. Upon the Financial Committee’s written approval of a bid, all persons submitting bids will be notified as to the Committee’s decision by the Chamberlain. Approval from the Financial Committee is a commitment for a particular item/s at a specified cost. Under no circumstances will overages be reimbursed without the approval of the Financial Committee, and then only in the rare case of unexpected circumstances not known at the time of the approval of the original bid. If overages do occur, they must be presented to the Chamberlain and approved by the Financial Committee before construction of the item is completed. Otherwise, only the agreed upon cost of the item/s will be paid by the Kingdom.

     Once the Financial Committee has approved a bid, the Chamberlain will coordinate the creation and purchase of the approved item/s. The Chamberlain reserves the right to request, and receive, monthly updates on projects expected to take longer than three (3) months. All receipts for the item shall be given to the Kingdom Chamberlain upon completion of the project, who will then turn them over to the Kingdom Exchequer with a copy of the approved bid.

     Upon the Chamberlain receiving the item/s, they will be added to the inventory of the Kingdom, and the Committee will be informed that the item/s were delivered in accordance to the bid. The Chamberlain shall then notify the Crown that the item/s are within the purview of the Chamberlain’s office and available to the Crown if They so desire.

     Construction of new property or regalia that will not be a donation should not be undertaken without written approval from the Financial Committee. Any property or regalia created without this prior written approval will be gratefully accepted as a donation to the Kingdom. The Kingdom will not be financially obligated to pay for property or regalia that it has not committed to in writing.

VII. Donations to the Kingdom

     A donation from a group or individual to the kingdom in the form of property or regalia is defined as items that did not have a “Request for Bid” submitted and/or were not paid for by the Kingdom. While donations are very much appreciated, in order to maintain an accurate inventory, a completed Bid/Proposal form should be submitted to the Kingdom Chamberlain along with the donation.

     Anyone with an idea for new kingdom property or regalia that has not been announced should contact the Chamberlain to make sure that the Kingdom is in need of the item. Before beginning a project that you plan on donating to the kingdom, you should ask yourself the following questions:      If you are still interested in donating something to the kingdom, it is highly recommended that a Bid/Proposal Form be submitted along with the donation, and that it has at least the same information as requested for a paid for item.

VIII. Disposal of Property or Regalia

     Any items donated to or purchased by the Kingdom after January 2007 should have instructions for disposal submitted with the donation. If the Financial Committee decides to dispose of an item, a significant attempt may be made to follow these instructions for donated items. For all items owned by the Kingdom, the Financial Committee will have the final authority on what to do with the item. Some options for disposal of kingdom property or regalia are:
  1. Return item to the original artist or donator
  2. Auction off the item, with all proceeds to return to the Chamberlain fund in the Kingdom account
  3. Retain in storage for use in historical displays